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IMAP Функции
PHP Manual


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

imap_fetchstructureRead the structure of a particular message


object imap_fetchstructure ( resource $imap_stream , int $msg_number [, int $options = 0 ] )

Fetches all the structured information for a given message.



IMAP поток, върнат от функция imap_open().


The message number


This optional parameter only has a single option, FT_UID, which tells the function to treat the msg_number argument as a UID.

Връщани стойности

Returns an object includes the envelope, internal date, size, flags and body structure along with a similar object for each mime attachment. The structure of the returned objects is as follows:

Returned Objects for imap_fetchstructure()
type Primary body type
encoding Body transfer encoding
ifsubtype TRUE if there is a subtype string
subtype MIME subtype
ifdescription TRUE if there is a description string
description Content description string
ifid TRUE if there is an identification string
id Identification string
lines Number of lines
bytes Number of bytes
ifdisposition TRUE if there is a disposition string
disposition Disposition string
ifdparameters TRUE if the dparameters array exists
dparameters An array of objects where each object has an "attribute" and a "value" property corresponding to the parameters on the Content-disposition MIME header.
ifparameters TRUE if the parameters array exists
parameters An array of objects where each object has an "attribute" and a "value" property.
parts An array of objects identical in structure to the top-level object, each of which corresponds to a MIME body part.

Primary body type

Transfer encodings

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IMAP Функции
PHP Manual

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