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Informix Функции
PHP Manual


(PHP 4, PHP <=5.2.0)

ifx_fetch_rowGet row as an associative array


array ifx_fetch_row ( resource $result_id [, mixed $position ] )

Fetches one row of data from the result associated with the specified result identifier.

Subsequent calls to ifx_fetch_row() would return the next row in the result set, or FALSE if there are no more rows.



result_id is a valid resultid returned by ifx_query() or ifx_prepare() (select type queries only!).


An optional parameter for a "fetch" operation on "scroll" cursors: NEXT, PREVIOUS, CURRENT, FIRST, LAST or a number. If you specify a number, an "absolute" row fetch is executed. This parameter is optional, and only valid for SCROLL cursors.

Връщани стойности

Returns an associative array that corresponds to the fetched row, or FALSE if there are no more rows.

Blob columns are returned as integer blob id values for use in ifx_get_blob() unless you have used ifx_textasvarchar(1) or ifx_byteasvarchar(1), in which case blobs are returned as string values.


Example #1 Informix fetch rows

ifx_prepare ("select * from emp where name like " $name,
if (! 
$rid) {
/* ... error ... */
$rowcount ifx_affected_rows($rid);
if (
$rowcount 1000) {
printf ("Too many rows in result set (%d)\n<br />"$rowcount);
    die (
"Please restrict your query<br />\n");
if (! 
ifx_do ($rid)) {
/* ... error ... */
$row ifx_fetch_row ($rid"NEXT");
while (
is_array($row)) {
    for (
reset($row); $fieldname=key($row); next($row)) {
$fieldvalue $row[$fieldname];
printf ("%s = %s,"$fieldname$fieldvalue);
printf("\n<br />");
$row ifx_fetch_row($rid"NEXT");
ifx_free_result ($rid);

Informix Функции
PHP Manual

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