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GnuPG Функции
PHP Manual


(PECL gnupg >= 0.2)

gnupg_decryptverifyDecrypts and verifies a given text


array gnupg_decryptverify ( resource $identifier , string $text , string &$plaintext )

Decrypts and verifies a given text and returns information about the signature.



Идентификаторът от тип gnupg, от извикване на gnupg_init() или gnupg.


The text being decrypted.


The parameter plaintext gets filled with the decrypted text.

Връщани стойности

On success, this function returns information about the signature and fills the plaintext parameter with the decrypted text. On failure, this function returns FALSE.


Example #1 Procedural gnupg_decryptverify() example

$res gnupg_init();
$info gnupg_decryptverify($res,$text,$plaintext);

Example #2 OO gnupg_decryptverify() example

$gpg = new gnupg();
$gpg -> adddecryptkey("8660281B6051D071D94B5B230549F9DC851566DC","test");
$info $gpg -> decryptverify($text,$plaintext);

GnuPG Функции
PHP Manual

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