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Sets or retrieves the password for a FrontBase database:
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FrontBase Функции
PHP Manual


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)

fbsql_database_passwordSets or retrieves the password for a FrontBase database


string fbsql_database_password ( resource $link_identifier [, string $database_password ] )

Sets and retrieves the database password used by the connection. If a database is protected by a database password, the user must call this function before calling fbsql_select_db().

If no link is open, the function will try to establish a link as if fbsql_connect() was called, and use it.

This function does not change the database password in the database nor can it be used to retrieve the database password for a database.



Идентификатор на връзката към FrontBase, върнат от fbsql_connect() или fbsql_pconnect().

Ако е незадължителна и не е указана, функцията ще се опита да намери отворена връзка към сървъра FrontBase и ако не намери такава ще се опита да създаде нова, както когато fbsql_connect() е била извикана без аргументи.


The database password, as a string. If given, the function sets the database password for the specified link identifier.

Връщани стойности

Returns the database password associated with the link identifier.


Example #1 fbsql_create_clob() example

    or die(
"Could not connect");
fbsql_database_password($link"secret db password");

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FrontBase Функции
PHP Manual

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