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The DOMProcessingInstruction class:
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PHP Manual

The DOMProcessingInstruction class

Синтаксис за класове

DOMProcessingInstruction extends DOMNode {
/* Properties */
readonly public string $target ;
public string $data ;
/* Methods */
__construct ( string $name [, string $value ] )
/* Inherited methods */
DOMNode DOMNode::appendChild ( DOMNode $newnode )
DOMNode DOMNode::cloneNode ([ bool $deep ] )
public int DOMNode::getLineNo ( void )
bool DOMNode::hasAttributes ( void )
bool DOMNode::hasChildNodes ( void )
DOMNode DOMNode::insertBefore ( DOMNode $newnode [, DOMNode $refnode ] )
bool DOMNode::isDefaultNamespace ( string $namespaceURI )
bool DOMNode::isSupported ( string $feature , string $version )
string DOMNode::lookupNamespaceURI ( string $prefix )
string DOMNode::lookupPrefix ( string $namespaceURI )
void DOMNode::normalize ( void )
DOMNode DOMNode::removeChild ( DOMNode $oldnode )
DOMNode DOMNode::replaceChild ( DOMNode $newnode , DOMNode $oldnode )



Prop description


Prop description


PHP Manual

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